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Exercises to Improve Mobility for Gymnasts

Mobility is the ability to move freely without any additional strain or tension on the joints. It will allow an athlete to achieve a better and much wider range of movement. Mobility is also heavily linked to an individual’s underlining joint health and allows a gymnast or athlete to complete movements in flow without causing any strain or potential joint-related injuries.

A large amount of flexibility and mobility is necessary when doing various skills in gymnastics. Therefore, gymnasts must incorporate mobility-based stretches into their training program for optimal performance. Gymnastics Direct Ambassador and 2021 Australian National Champion on Rings Jack Riek gives us some insight into some mobility exercises that he does daily to ensure that he is ready to start his training regime.

The mobility exercises shown in the video include:

Upper Body:

  • Standing straight arm rows:
  • 90 degree band pulls
  • Bows and Arrows
  • 90 Degree Band Pulls (Facing Out)
  • Planche and Handstand Movements

Lower Body:

  • Split Squats
**Disclaimer: All of the above movements may not suit you, as these are just exercises that Jack does for mobility on a regular basis. If you have an area of soreness in particular from training, it is recommended you go and see a doctor or physio.**

What mobility exercises do YOU do before you commence training? Comment below! 

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