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The Gym Spot is a project brought to you by Gymnastics Direct aiming to bring information, inspiration and general knowledge to our readers in one concise location. This blog aims to be an inclusive space for audience members to make suggestions on content, share their own personal experience and learn from the gymnastics journey of others.

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Here, we provide you with trusted expertise in order to enhance your experience of this dynamic sporting field and ask that in addition to this you contribute your own knowledge through contacting us and letting us know what kind of content you wish to view! Our contact page is available 7 days a week and is a place you are welcome to send feedback through to us in written or video form. If you have some advice for gymnasts, parents or anyone connected to the gymnastics world, we’re all ears!

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Our aim is for this network to be a place for learning as well as sharing and want our audience to feel welcome and included as well as constantly informed.

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