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Tips to Master Your Handstand with Flying Yogis

Are you struggling to do a handstand? Don’t worry! Yogi Amanda & Little Yogi Rani is here to help you. From various strength exercises to drills, the team at Flying Yogis shows us their top 10 tips to help you nail your handstand and improve your balance in no time!

To be able to do a handstand, you need to build your core and shoulder strength. Core and shoulder strength exercises that you can do at home include boat pose and dish, and plank hold.

After these exercises, it’s time to coordinate your arms and legs! You can do this by doing the slow bear walk, funny bear walk and caterpillar.

Up next is the spiderman handstand. Chin in, squeeze your core and aim to get your forehead, ribs, knees and feet against the wall!

For handstand drills, you can do L-handstands, snaps, and scissor kicks.

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