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Moon Bridge Drills With Neophyte Performance

Bridges are an essential skill to master in the sport of gymnastics. This exercise has several variations and is a great way to build core muscles and strength which are needed when performing various gymnastics moves! For this week’s Tips and Tricks, the team at Neophyte Performance demonstrates how to perfect the Moon Bridge. But before starting out, make sure to warm up and strengthen your ankles!

According to Coach Maddye, to be able to complete this drill safely, you must have really strong shoulders. Moreover, you must be able to hold a bridge for 30 seconds and be able to complete a nice handstand. So be sure to keep this in mind before trying this drill at home!


  1. To start the drill, swing into a kneeling position.
  2. Then do Little Bounces from Toes in a kneeling position. Try and squeeze your glutes as much as possible.
  3. Moon bridge from small platform, box or air board as seen in the video tutorial above. Start from toes flexed position and advance to toes pointed position.
  4. And finally, do the Moon Bridge from Floor. Start from Toes flexed and advance to toes pointed.

How did you go? Don’t forget to tag us on your attempts on socials! Comment down below what other drills you’d like us to do next.

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