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L-Sit Technique with Pure Mvmt, The Playground

L-sit is a fundamental exercise in the gymnastics strength routine! This full body exercise looks simple but it will definitely help shape your core.

L-sits can be done on push up bars, yoga blocks, kettlebells, floor barsacro trainersparallettesparallel bars or even on a pair of benches. The team at Pure Mvmt, The Playground, looks at a few points to keep in mind when you get up to the full L-sit:

  • Make sure your shoulders are pulled back and down (not up to your ears).
  • Keep your chest up and out
  • Keep your knees locked out (if this isn’t possible at first, don’t worry — you’ll get there)
  • Make sure your legs are straight with your toes pointed

From tuck L-sit to switching leg L-sit and One leg L-sit hold, Pure Mvmt demonstrates 3 exercises to help you get started! Watch the video below on how to do this. 

And remember – practise makes progress! In no time, you’ll be doing the L-sit with ease and have greater core strength. Let us know you go in the comments below or tag us on our socials! 

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