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How to do a Press Handstand

A press handstand is a handstand that can be performed from either a standing or sitting position, and essentially is the gymnast pulling themselves up from the ground with a ‘pressing’ motion in order to form a handstand. This skill is quite complex as it takes a lot of strength in the upper body and the gymnast’s core. The Gym Spot gives a step-by-step guide to help you ace those press handstands in no time!

  1. First things first, there are two ways in which a press handstand can be performed. You can perform this movement from standing up, or sitting down. If you were to start the movement sitting down, you would initially have to position yourself into a straddle, as this is where the ‘pressing’ motion begins. If you were to do this standing up, the pike or straddle position is most ideal for this. Regardless, your hands should be flat on the floor in between your legs, with your fingers spread out. Lean forward, and when doing so, tilt your shoulders forward. This will transfer your weight from your lower body to your hands.
  2. Once you have pulled yourself over in between your legs, pull your lower body off the ground. When doing so, ensure your core is pulling your lower body up, in order for your upper body to hold you up in this position.
  3. From here, raise your hands into a handstand. Slowly raise your legs up in the air until you create a handstand, and this can be done with either the pike or straddle position. As your legs rise, your shoulders will move to straight over your hands.
  4. Hold. Once you are in the handstand, hold for as long as possible. To finish, do the reverse of what you did to initially get to the handstand, back to the hold and back to the seated or standing position.

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