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Strength and Conditioning for Press Handstands

Press to Handstand is a common yet difficult manoeuvre to master in gymnastics. In order to do this skill, the gymnast needs to have warmed up prior and conditioned. The Gym Spot looks at 5 ways in which a gymnast can build strength and condition prior to performing this movement.

For Strength and Conditioning

  1. Lay flat on the ground against a wall with your hands touching the wall. Position your legs into a straddle, and bring them up to your torso to join with your hands. From here, bring them back around and down to the initial position. Continue as many times as desired.
  2. Start this off by doing a handstand up against the wall. From here, bring your legs out into a straddle position with your back fully supported by the wall. Shift into a pike position with the legs closing up dead straight, then bring down slowly to the floor. The slower you go, the more intense it is.
  3. Stand on all fours with your legs and arms straight. From here, lift your feet until your feel your back against the wall. Ensure your hands are as close to the wall as possible. Rock back slightly and then repeat. With each go, attempt to lift your legs up higher, and by doing so, ensure you are pulling into your belly button. For extra points, try doing this away from the wall!
  4. Grab a medicine ball and place your legs over the back of it with your arms in front. Bring the ball towards you so that the tops of your feet are supported by the ball, creating a ‘rocking’ motion. Continue to rock back and forth.
  5. Sit on the ground in a straddle position. Lift your legs up, still in this straddle position, and create small circular motions with your ankles. Go clockwise and anticlockwise with this.

Press Handstand Progressions

Press Handstand Progressions


Now that you’ve conditioned, it’s time to try to Press Handstand! Not sure where to start? Check out our step-by step guide here. 

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