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Backward Roll Extension Drills

A back extension roll is an important skill progression. The motion of lifting your body with your shoulders extended is very similar to when you learn how to do a giant on the bars. Whilst mastering the overall movement of a back extension roll can be quite daunting, our friends at Beats Per Minute Performing Arts show us some progressive drills that can assist and help a gymnast build confidence to be able to do these back extension rolls with ease.

The drills included in the video are as follows:

  1. Rock and roll to tuck and candle with hands and push
  2. Backwards roll
  3. Push-ups for strength
  4. Backwards roll to plank
  5. Backwards roll to needle
  6. Elevated headstand to handstand against a wall for strength

What drills have YOU incorporated into your training? Let us know in the comments below!



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