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5 Easy Tips to Improve your Handstands

Let’s face it, handstands can be hard. There’s no doubt about that. Trying to keep your balance upside down, using only your hands is a really tricky thing to do. Learning how to handstand, like most skills, takes time and persistence but there are few tricks that can help you speed up that frustrating process.

If you’re just starting out learning to handstand, or if you have been practicing for a while with no luck, try these out and you should be walking around on your hands in no time!

1. Practice holding your handstand against a wall.

Probably the easiest way to practice a handstand, but sometimes overlooked. Give it a go! Find a nice flat wall with lots of space and try balancing on your hands while your legs are supported against the wall.

2. Practice kicking into your handstand, but don’t go all the way up.

You don’t have to get it right the first time. You know how golfers practice their swing before they actually hit the ball? Try doing that with your handstand. Kick into your handstand, but don’t go all the way up.

3. Push-ups with your feet on the wall.

Strength is a huge part of doing a handstand. Working those arms will help give you the strength to stay balanced longer. Try doing push-ups while your legs are balanced against a wall.

4. Sometimes separating your legs helps you balance.

When you’re ready to start kicking up into handstands, try using your legs to keep yourself balanced. This will help you practice balancing upright.

5. Grip the floor with your fingers!

Use you’re fingers to grip the floor. It really helps when trying to keep your balance!

If you have any other tips or tricks, comment down below!

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