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Club Focus: Roundabout Circus

This week we take a look at Roundabout Circus, Central Coast’s Community Circus that focuses on using social circus arts to empower individuals while promoting its benefits in their local area.

1. How did your club start?

We run a Not-For-Profit Community Circus on the Central Coast. Myself and my wife met at a similar organisation in the UK and on arrival in Australia were searching for something similar. We started running workshops and busking at the local markets and soon got inquiries about running classes. We commenced in a scout hall with home school children before traveling for a year around the Americas volunteering with Performers Without Borders in Nicaragua, working in Summer Camps in the USA and backpacking. This filled us with inspiration and most importantly the time to imagine our dream project, on our arrival back in Australia in 2017 we created Roundabout Circus. We have been running ever since, growing and growing sharing skills and spreading smiles.

2. How many kids do you train and what skills?

Pre Covid we had on average 200 children and adult students per week. We had started satellite classes and outreach workshops, including in aged care and special needs. Regular performances at local events and festivals, kids parties and hosted an international circus troupe. Our numbers now are slowly returning however all the events and performances are on hold.

Skills wise we teach a wide variety covering all aspects of circus including: Tumbling (Kids/Adults), Aerial (Trapeze, Lyra, Silks), Circus props (Juggling, Diabolo, Unicycling, Slackline, Stilts) and even Magic classes. We offer Accessible classes for kids and adults and run one off workshops for a number of organisations for at risk youth, disability groups and even a retirement village.

3. Do you have any special needs programs?

We offer weekly accessible classes for both kids and adults. We also have performed and done workshops for a number of local groups including: Canteen, Youth off the Street, Camp Breakaway, Coast Shelter and Grandparents raising grandchildren. We operate a social enterprise so offer these classes at a discounted rate.

Nothing is Impossible

4. What’s your club’s vision statement?

“Nothing is Impossible at the Circus”

5. What are some of the objectives of your program?

To unlock personal and creative potential and deliver social inclusion through circus arts. We aim to empower our community to believe in themselves, to collaborate and to work hard to achieve their goals.

6. What are you most proud of with your club?

Our amazing supportive community and fantastic staff, creating a safe, fun and vibrant space for people to learn, practice, share and smile. 

The Dream Team

7. Why do you think your club is important to families and your community?

We provide a space for all ages and abilities, where people can learn in a supportive environment, challenging themselves to try new things and be inspired by others. I think it is amazing, the role models here especially for younger students seeing adults play too. 

We offer so much for the community including bi-monthly free circus jams in the park where anyone can come and experience the fun of the circus, regularly attending community events and being a real positive presence on the coast.

8. What’s a piece of advice would you give to a gymnast?

Try Circus!! Haha (Joking) Have fun whilst you train and be open to new techniques and skills.

If you’d like to try out the circus, check out their website and Instagram page to find out more!

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