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How to run a successful Gymnast Instagram…#gymstagram

In the age of the internet, social media is the ideal tool to help you advertise yourself and what you stand for to a worldwide audience. With just over 1 billion active users, Instagram in particularly presents the perfect platform for users to showcase their abilities to an online world of limitless possibilities. But what is the perfect way to do this? We’re going to take you through 5 easy steps to becoming well known and loved in the ever-growing Instagram Gymnastics world. #gymstafamous.

1. Know your audience

We’re starting off with what we believe to be the golden rule of Instagram –that is, knowing what kind of content your followers best respond to. This may take you awhile and can change as your following count grows and as your own personal interests alter, but always be sure to keep an eye on any similarity in your audience’s response to your posts. You should assume that the posts that receive the most positive feedback (most comments and likes) from your followers contain the type of content that they enjoy viewing the most. This should therefore be the type of content you continue to produce more of.

The Instagram algorithm is a tricky one to understand, so let’s put it simply. Instagram keeps track of what your followers like and the similarities between all the posts they interact with. Instagram then uses this information to alter each individual users newsfeed and the order in which posts appear on their feed. So, if you are posting content in line with what the majority of your followers most consistently “like”, then you will be one of the top posts on your follower’s news feeds. Do your tumbling videos attract the most attention and receive more likes than your other posts do? Post more of this style and watch your audience grow!

Although, don’t forget it’s important to stay true to yourself while doing this! If there’s a type of video you enjoy making or a style of photo you love taking and it doesn’t rank well with your audience, keep doing it! After all, this is YOUR Instagram and no one else’s –more on this in step 5!

2. Choose appropriate hashtags

Using hashtags on Instagram makes your posts more discoverable to an audience wider than just those who already follow you, but it’s important to ensure that you’re using hashtags that will be most advantageous to achieving this.

An easy way to make sure you’re using the most beneficial hashtags to you is by checking what hashtags accounts similar to yours are following! This can be easily done by selecting a user you want to attract the attention of, clicking their following list, then selecting “Hashtags”. You’ll be presented with a list of hashtags this particular user follows of which you can then include in the captions of your posts! It’s important to do this with brands as well, as they will often check a specific hashtag to find content their followers want them to repost. For example, if you were to check the Gymnastics Direct hashtag following list, this is what you would see,

Gymnastics Direct use their branded hashtag #gymnasticsdirect to see their customers using products they have purchased and will use this content to advertise the product to their audience. Try this out with brands as well as Instagram Gymnasts and watch the response to your content grow!

3. Post consistently, but don’t spam!

The key to success in anything is consistency and dedication and growing your Instagram audience is no different. However, be sure to remember there’s such a thing as oversharing and posting too much content is often seen as annoying by Instagram users and can result in losing followers –that’s not what we want! Studies show 2-3 Instagram posts and 3-4 stories per day is ideal for keeping your audience engaged and your account active and enjoyable. Exceeding this may be acceptable if you are a new account wanting to post a lot of photos and videos at once to show what kind of content you will be posting in the future, but once you have a solid following we suggest you remain consistent and limit yourself to few posts a day. No one wants their news feed full of the one users content –they can just visit your page to see that!

4. Make Insta friends!

Finding the right type of people you wish to connect and interact with online will make your Instagram experience that much more enjoyable! Don’t be afraid to send around some DM’s or to share and comment on a user’s content if you decide you want to get to know them a little better. Establishing this type of friendship will encourage others to support you by sharing your content as well and hopefully lead to relationships that make you feel comfortable and excited to go online!

5. Stay true to yourself

While keeping all this in mind, it’s important to constantly remind yourself that you are the one in control of your Instagram account and, despite everything, the ultimate decision on what you should post and how you should interact with your followers comes down to your own values. If you feel that posting 10 times a day reflects your upbeat and bubbly personality, do that! If you want to use comedic hashtags that show your clever and quirky side, do that! Staying true to yourself should always be your priority and you should incorporate this into your online presence as well!

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