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How to attract a brands attention on Social Media


If you’ve read our previous article on running a successful Gymnastics Instagram, you’ll understand the value of having a positive and interesting social media presence. Now we’re going to introduce you to the idea of using this presence to befriend and attract the attention of your favourite brands on social media! If you haven’t read our first article, be sure to do that before continuing as we’ll be making some references!

Firstly, it’s of value to remind yourself that your followers count doesn’t define you and isn’t even one of the main things that will capture a brands attention. As we’ve said before, it’s all about how you present yourself and finding a unique way to do this in the busy and bustling world of social media can be a task. We all want to stand out from the crowd and here are a few ways you can do this to attract the attention of your favourite brands on social media. To stay in line with our previous article, Instagram will be the main social network we refer to here.

If you’re looking to constantly be in the loop of what a brand is up to, then post notifications are your friend. You can easily turn post notifications on or off for a specific account by going to their profile and selecting the three dots in the top right hand corner then selecting “Turn on Post Notifications”. Doing this will send an alert to your device every time that this specific account makes a new post! This way, you will rarely miss out on being one of the first likers and commenters on the brands post. After a while, your consistent interactions will become expected and your username will be familiar to the brand! This hopefully resulting in the brand checking out your page and giving you a follow.

In the event that this does happen, you want to make sure you’re posting content that is going to keep the brand intrigued by you and want to keep following you. To warrant that this happens, be sure to take note of what sort of content the brand typically reposts and find a way to incorporate this style of content into your own posts. Another way of doing this, as we mentioned in the previous article, is to find out what specific hashtags a brand follows and attach these tags to your own posts. More on that here.

If it appears a brand is only re-posting content that contains their products in use and you don’t own any of these products, don’t fret! Brands love seeing support in their following so a way you could incorporate this into your Instagram account is to repost videos of others that inspire you using the brands products! There’s always a way around everything, so try and get creative with your re-posts –you could even re-edit videos of others using the products that inspire you and add your own personal spin onto them! Remember to tag the brand and their hashtag when doing this to ensure they see the efforts you’re putting in! This also shows the brand you are interested in one day owning their products yourself.

Above everything, it’s especially important to remember that behind every Instagram page is a person. So treating your favourite online brand in this way can work well in developing a strong online bond or friendship! Interact with brands as you would with your friends and watch your relationship with them grow!

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