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Injury Prevention For Lower Back Pain

Introducing Dani from Edgeworth Physio!

Dani graduated from the University of Newcastle in 2012, and and she works mostly with gymnasts, dancers, aerialists, cheer leaders and hypermobile people for when it comes to recovery from sports- and movement- related injuries, as well as provides ways in which you can prevent them.

Gymnastics, acrobatics, aerial and cheer are high risk sports, meaning that athletes are prone to injury constantly. If injuries are not catered to properly, it can impact an athlete’s training. When it comes to injuries that can be seen on a regular basis, Dani has compiled 4 of these into a mini series, and has also provided tips and tricks on how to prevent and treat them.

Lower back pain in gymnasts is most commonly related to back bends. Pain can develop from “hinging” or “dumping” into the lower back, i.e. all of the flexibility coming from the lower back. Ideally, a back bend should be a smooth curve with equal work from the shoulders, upper back, lower back and hips.

The photo below is the ideal bridge and





the second photo shows a poor posture and where back pain can occur.







Dani recommends this exercise to help open up and engage the shoulders and upper back to help in your back bends.

  1. In a wall sit, reach the arms overhead.
  2. Shrug the arms up and point the thumbs toward the wall.
  3. Pulse the arms toward the wall 5-10x, maintaining the shrug.
  4. Make sure the back isn’t arching- all the movement should be from the shoulders.

Lastly, make sure to spread your back bends through the week to keep from overloading the back- do some a few days per week, rather than the two extremes: every single day or all in one day.

Check out this video for a more in-depth explanation!

Train safe and enjoy! Don’t forget to check out Dani and the team at Edgeworth Physio on their socials! 

**Disclaimer: this is not medical advice. If you have an injury or specific concerns, you should see a health care professional.**

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