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How to manage a Hip Injury with Physio, Liam Penglaze

Liam Penglaze, Physiotherapist at PhysioStudio, answers one of our followers’ questions via Instagram.

Check it out below!

In this video, Liam states, “… It would depend on the severity and history of your daughter’s injury, however I would probably consider that first 14 days upon return to sport as the key window of gaining success to project your daughter forward in the months and weeks to come without reinjuring herself.

“Now, unfortunately, the fact that she has this injury in the first place, is the key indicator for the risk of re-injury, so it’s important that she continues to hit all of her markers of recovery and performance, such as flexibility, strength and coordination.”


Want to ask Liam some more questions? DM him via Instagram, or via his LinkedIn! 

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