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Club Focus: Melbourne Acrobatic Gymnastics Academy

With a mission to teach children to thrive through movement and activity, MAGA is an acrobatic and gymnastics club located in Melbourne’s South East that values the “physical, social and emotional competence” that gymnastics can bring to peoples lives. Director and Owner of MAGA, Steph Fuller, has taken the time to answer our Club Focus questionnaire this week. Read on for a little insight into the mind behind this club!

How did your club start?
Melbourne Acrobatic Gymnastics Academy started in August of 2018. I am a small business owner, so MAGA was just a dream in the pipeline for a long, long time. But after lots of sleepless nights, hard work and planning MAGA opened 3 months ahead of schedule and we started our recreational and Acrobatic classes at the end of Term 3. 

How many kids train there?
We have over 250 kids who walk through our doors every week! 

Do you have any special needs programs?
Our classes are totally inclusive. We encourage kids with intellectual disability to join our mainstream classes and we offer extra assistance to ensure they get the most out of their time at MAGA. Currently, we don’t have any specific Special Needs classes, but this is something we would LOVE to offer in the near future. We are working on it. We do however, do a few private classes each week for kids who are funded with NDIS and need 1:1 time. 

What are you most proud of with your club?
That’s a hard question. I am proud of MAGA as a whole. I have poured a whole lot of time and love into this place and the coaches are incredible, the kids walk in and out of this place with a big smile on their face and our competition squads have had amazing results in their first year of competing Acrobatics. We even walked away as Runners Up for the VIC State Pennant. Huge achievement! But what I’m most proud of is our ethics, our customer service and our team environment. 

Why is gymnastics important to your families and their community?Gymnastics teaches kids a lot. It helps to build confidence, discipline, and perseverance. It encourages a mindset focused on growth and it teaches kids to work in a team. We have very firm Core Values at MAGA. And all our staff help kids to understand the importance of these values. Not only is our Mission to Inspire kids to Power Up and MOVE, but we believe in helping families to raise resilient, encouraging and team working kids. 

What do kids gain out of gymnastics?
Confidence, a sense of achievement, realistic goal setting, resilience, fitness and strength, a sense of being a part of a team, friends, respect. The list is never ending!!!

What is your favourite quote? 
I don’t really have a favourite quote, but a mantra I have used for myself since I was a teenager is “You create your own opportunities’. I’ve lived by this for a very long time. When I was a teenager my WAG Gymnastics career was cut short as I had scoliosis surgery at 14. A lot of people would give up the sport at this stage, but I told myself this mantra over and over and it was a turning point for me. I didn’t give up, I didn’t wait for hand outs, I didn’t mope around. I created opportunities and set my own goals. I continued competing until I was 19, and this year off was also when my coaching career started. 
I try to encourage this mindset for the kids I coach. I reiterate that no one is going to do the work for them, that they are in control of their attitude, their work ethic and their achievements. That they can chose to optimise their own potential.

To stay up to date wit the happenings of MAGA you can visit their website or follow them on Instagram.

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  1. Superb club with a fantastic owner striving to make acrobatics in south east Melbourne the best it can be!
    Keep up the awesome work!

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