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How to Use An Incline Mat to Ace Those Acro Drills

Incline gymnastics mats or wedges are very versatile in regards to gymnastics, acro, cheerleading, dance and tumbling. They come in a small and a large size, and are a training aid that can be used for a variety of different manoeuvres and acing techniques when it comes to training regularly.

The Gym Spot and Beats Per Minute Performing Arts have come together to show you just how useful these inclines are when it comes to training, particularly within the field of acrobatics.

For backward rolls, you can do the following drills:

  • Backward roll to plank
  • Backward roll press to handstand

For handstand forward rolls:

  • Arabian straddle forward rolls
  • Arabian pike forward rolls

And for tumbling drills:

  • A handstand snap down at the wall
  • A handstand snap down in the centre of the wedge whilst it is folded
  • Round offs


What do you use to aid your training? Let us know in the comments below!


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