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Club Focus: TPT Gymnastics

Located in Nelson Bay, TPT Gymnastics is run and owned by Tanya Lemcke who began instructing kindergym classes many years ago to help her child learn communication and social skills. Starting off this journey in Sydney, Tanya has worked tireless in countless schools and communities to share the importance of gymnastics to hundreds of children who have benefited from the sport. Tanya has taken some time to fill out our Club Focus questionnaire this week to give a little insight into her gymnastics journey and how TPT Gymnastics came to be. 

How did your club start?
Long ago in Sydney, my club started because my child could not speak –The doctor recommended Kindergym, which we went to. I started teaching as the lovely person teaching at the time had to step down. It grew from that time. I have taught at Community Centres, many schools and helped out in lots different clubs in different regions as well as The State Sport Centre in Sydney, and my own Club at TPT Gymnastics.

How many kids train there? Do you have any special needs programs?We are only a small Club of under 100, but are inclusive for all. We have programs for babies, children about to start school, special needs of all types, school programs, and after school programs including competition Gymnastics.

What are you most proud of with your club?
We are extremely proud of all the children and the parents that bring the children along.

Why is gymnastics important to your families and their community?
We all have fun and learn in a safe environment. We can see the constant improvement in our student’s health and skill building including physical, emotional and social. They develop strength, coordination, self-confidence and fine and gross motor improvement.

What do kids gain out of gymnastics?
Gymnastics is the Highest bone density building sport of all sports. It is also the starting point for all sports. It helps with coordination, hand/foot to eye, foot to hand, body awareness, helps in concentration and opening the way to try new things. At a little higher level, it includes elements of  dance, acro and skill work –so it crosses with other different sports and teaches a variety of skills.

What is your favourite quote?
I have a few extra good quotes I like to use:

FFF: Fun, Fitness, & Fundamentals.
Don’t say I can’t, say I WILL TRY.
Give it a go!

If you want to get in contact with Tanya or look a little further into TPT you can find them on Instagram and Facebook.

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