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Advice on Working Through Injuries with Sports Psychologist, Dr. Sue Jackson

  • Listen to your body. Don’t ignore signals that your body is giving you about your ability to move through a certain range, or do specific movements.
  • Listen to your treating therapists, for example, your physio or sports medicine doctor. Follow the guidelines they set out for returning from this injury.
  • Mental imagery is an important psychological tool to use when recovering from an injury. Imagery is a skill that involves creating in your mind, through as many senses as you can, the situation you are working towards. This may be a skill you are working on, or it may be your body healing from an injury, and being able to use your body as you did before the injury. A sport psychologist can help you develop the skill of mental imagery.
  • Rest, relaxation, and good sleep, are all important aspects of the healing process. You want to bring as much positive energy as you can to your healing. And trust in your body’s ability to heal.
  • Keep involved. Attend training, take part in the parts of training that you can; stay in touch with your gym friends.
  • Focus on what really matters to you, what you love about gymnastics. Build your motivation and focus on your goals in times when your physical training is limited.  And remember, while you may be limited in your physical training, you can always engage in mental training!

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