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4 Ways to Improve Flexibility

It’s important to take the time and effort in improving your flexibility, especially with gymnastics being one of the sports where an active range of motion helps reduce the risk of injury. Read on for simple tips to becoming more flexible, one stretch at a time.

1. Stretch regularly

Stretching regularly is key to maintaining or improving your flexibility. There are various simple stretching exercises you can do at home. Try to incorporate either dynamic or static stretching as it increases your range of motion and flexibility by lengthening soft tissues.

2. Try yoga, pilates or tai chi

Practising pilates or doing yoga helps with loosening your muscles and increases your range of joint motion. Tai chi, where mind-body connection is also important helps with maintaining strength, flexibility and balance through constant motion.

3. Relax your body or get a massage

Take the time to de-stress by relaxing your body and getting a massage. Massages help break up knots in muscles and tissues, relieving tightness and tension that restrict movement. You can also roll away your worries using a foam roller. It helps reduce muscle soreness as well as speed up muscle repair recovery.

4. Practise often

Movement is key to making sure your muscles have the flexibility to do what they need to do. It helps reduce injury and also makes your daily life easier. Being consistent will allow you to become more flexible over time!

How do you maintain your flexibility? Let us know in the comment below!

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