Having everything you need within reach when practising gymnastics is very important. These are some items that you should always include in your gym bag!

1. Water bottle

Keeping the body fuelled with water is vital for any athlete. Make sure to pack your water bottle and stay hydrated during practice!  

2. Snacks

Keeping a healthy snack on hand is important when you’re feeling out of energy. Granola bars, fruits, or crackers are some great choices. You can also find some great healthy snack ideas here.

3. Leotards or change of clothes

Pack an extra leotard just in case your other ones rip or tear during practise.

4. Chalk or chalk carry bag

With the current Covid-19 pandemic, gymnasts might have to bring their own chalk or chalk bag. Train safe with Gymnastics Direct’s range of chalk here.

Chalk carry bag!

5. Grips

An essential item that enhances your grip on the bars as well as prevents any painful hand blisters and rips. Make sure to bring a spare if you have one!

6. Adhesive tape

Minimise the risk of injury by keeping your wrists or ankles taped whenever you’re practising or competing for gymnastics. Most gyms should have this available, but it’s good to have some packed in your gym bag just in case.

7. Scrunchies or other hair accessories

It’s crucial to have a proper hair tie that can hold your hair throughout your training. This can help eliminate any unnecessary distractions during practice!


8. Personal Care Products (deodorant, moisturiser, lip balm or feminine hygiene products)

A high level of personal hygiene is encouraged when practicing gymnastics, as it can get very long and sweaty. Avoid any awkwardness when stretching with partners or doing other group activities! Deodorant and other personal care items are a definite must-have.

9. Small first aid kit (bandaids, panadol or other medicine)

You should always pack any medications that you might need in your bag. Make sure they are labelled!

10. Good luck charm

Lastly, a good luck charm! For young gymnasts, it might be a good idea for parents to pack their kid’s bag with a good luck charm to make them feel comfortable when going to the gym, especially for the first time. Also, anything that makes you feel good and motivated when you’re having a rough day!

Goodluck charm!

What’s in your gymnastics bag? Comment down below!

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