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Club Focus: Essendon Keilor Gymnastics Academy

Located in Airport West, Victoria, EKGA is owned and operated by Christy Hemphill. From their Blind Gym program to various carefully planned curriculums, Christy takes us through the ins and outs of the club.

1. How did your club start?

EKGA opened in 2006 and has been proudly operating for almost 15 years. Ekga is owned and operated by Christy Hemphill. Christy had previously managed the gymnastics program at a local YMCA and wanted to start her own gym where she could provide better facilities, programs and equipment for her members.

2. How many kids do you train and what skills?

EKGA has over 1200 gymnasts per week attend programs. This includes MAG, WAG, Trampoline, Instructional Gymnastics and Kinder Gym.

We teach everything from how top jump right through to double back sault and everything in between. We have produced Australian Champions and countless Victorian champions, but 80% of our gymnasts attend our once a week instructional classes.

3. Do you have any special needs programs?

EKGA is very proud to have launched the first ever Blind Gym program in Australia. This programs allows Blind and vision impaired children children to participate in the great sport of gymnastics, whilst meeting and making friends with other Blind and vision impaired children.

4. What’s your club’s vision statement?

We know that Preschoolers want to have fun and want a patient, friendly coach.  We know School-age kids want to learn new tricks and to make friends, and we know that Competitive Gymnasts want to learn awesome skills, they want to compete and they want the chance to win!

With our carefully planned curriculum and EKGA Awesome Coaches, we are able to make this happen.

5. What are some of the objectives of your program?

Our three goals for every program we run are: To make it Fun, To Teach Gymnastics and time Keep the kids SAFE.

6. What are you most proud of with your club?

At EKGA we are so proud of the culture we have created. Our coaches and gymnasts are so supportive of each other. The coaches are not only great at teaching gymnastics, but are also wonderful role models for our younger coaches and gymnasts.

The EKGA athletes are so much fun to have at competitions, as they cheer so loudly for each other, as well as any individuals they have adopted on the day.

7. Why do you think your club is important to families and your community?

EKGA gives kids another community to be part of. At the gym we are not only helping the kids to keep fit and learn gymnastics skills, but we are helping them develop into responsible adults. Through gymnastics at EKGA they learn the importance of resilience, hard work, determination, empathy, perseverance, good sportsmanship and how to set and achieve goals.

8. What’s a piece of advice would you give to a gymnast?

Wash your hands! Get back in the gym, listen to your coaches and get training!


If you’d like to know more about EKGA, you can visit their website or Facebook page.

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